Sporting events don’t always run on schedule. Some begin late; others go into extra time. To ensure that your group has the opportunity to view the entire game, it’s necessary to retain control of your air transportation arrangements. And should it be your team that’s making the journey to play, we want your players to arrive just as relaxed and refreshed as the team they’ll face.

The right charter solution can provide additional comfort and meal service specifically designed for athletes. A charter flight eliminates the hassles of airport security and allows for a dedicated check-in of your group. Event organizers and sponsors can utilize the airfield closest to the stadium, rather than the facility with the most service, thereby cutting transfer times and offering a vastly improved and more efficient service to your customers.

With your own aircraft charter, there are no costly oversized baggage charges, and special care is taken to protect valuable sporting equipment. And while all the spectators are still standing in line at the airport waiting to depart, your group can be relaxing onboard, thirty thousand feet in the air.