Increasingly, vacation destinations are encountering levels of air service that are incapable of driving enough passenger traffic to their resort properties. With a customized flight program, you can take control of your air service issues and develop a schedule that capitalizes on peak travel patterns and optimizes your guests’ time on property.

The experience begins from the moment your customers step onboard the aircraft. We can offer amenities long removed from commercial flights that are commensurate with the service levels at your property. Upgraded meals, hot towel service and amenity kits are just a few of the ways that we can ensure that the first and last impressions your customers have on their trip are positive.

Cost-efficient programs can be operated with aircraft that have as few as 19 seats. Contour Flight can help your organization to file the paperwork with the Department of Transportation that is necessary to offer this service to the public. Additionally, we can work with multiple properties to arrange for shared use of an aircraft, thereby further reducing costs and spurring air travel growth in your region.