Your project manager will be on hand at the airport on the day of departure to ensure that the operation runs seamlessly, making certain that customized signage is displayed prominently in the terminal and that the ticket counters open as scheduled, and assisting in making any last-minute changes to the manifest or seating assignments.

The aircraft is thoroughly inspected for compliance with our own strict standards for cleanliness, and catering is examined to confirm that the order has been correctly fulfilled. Flight crews are again briefed prior to the departure on all of the service requirements for the flight, and any specialized branding items, such as headrest covers or gift bags, are loaded and distributed.

Throughout the process, the project manager will keep you updated on the progress of your flight and be available to answer any last-minute questions. On all charters of aircraft with over 100 seats, we provide this service at no charge. Our team makes sure that no detail is overlooked so you can relax on the day of departure.