Project managers are on board all charter flights with over 100 seats to oversee in-flight service delivery. Announcements by airline personnel can be customized to welcome your group aboard and provide the passengers with any pertinent instructions. Aircraft that offer audio/visual equipment can show the films or programming of your choice. Beverages can be served with napkins bearing your logo.

Upon arrival, project managers are on hand to ensure timely delivery of all baggage and, on international flights, to assist with transporting belongings through customs. Often, your project manager will remain with you at the destination for the duration of your program to accommodate any last-minute changes and provide the very same services for your return flight.

While your aircraft is in the air, staff at Contour Flight headquarters will be monitoring the progress of your flight in order to proactively respond to any unforeseen challenges, such as weather diversions or excessive air traffic control delays. We’ll promptly communicate arrival updates to any persons you may have designated as day-of-operation contacts and provide a dedicated toll-free number for friends and family of the passengers to check on the status of the flight.