The luxury and convenience of executive aircraft travel are unparalleled. At your disposal are an aircraft, crew and the entire Contour Flight team, working around your schedule to ensure that your travel experience is not only comfortable but efficient as well.

We can arrange for gourmet catering, ground transportation, hotel accommodations and anything else you might require for your trip. We’ll discuss the full range of available aircraft with you to ensure that all of your requirements are met and all of your expectations exceeded.

Below are some of the most commonly chartered executive aircraft that may offer some useful guidance on seating capacities and performance.

Executive Air Charter
Type Number of Seats Range in Hours
Turboprop 6-30 2-3
Light Jet 5-7 3-4
Mid-size Jet 7-9 5-6
Heavy Jet 10-16 7-14
BBJ/ACJ 18-32 10-16