Group scheduled airline tickets are ideal for cost-conscious customers needing to move passengers between two points that already have a substantial amount of existing air service. However, scheduled flights can also be effective in reducing program costs when used in conjunction with a charter.

A large healthcare company recently needed to move 110 people from Quebec City to San Diego. All of the flights out of Quebec to points with a connection to San Diego were being operated by aircraft with no more than 50 seats. Additionally, there was only one connection that could get their employees to San Diego in time for a conference event on the same day. They could move 50 people without a problem, but what about the other 60?

In this case, an A319 with 126 seats was chartered from Quebec City to Minneapolis, and all of the passengers then connected to a scheduled flight from Minneapolis to San Diego. The cost of a charter from Quebec City to San Diego would have been prohibitive for this particular group, but the cost of the short two-hour charter to Minneapolis plus that of the scheduled airline tickets was well within their budget. All of the passengers arrived in time for the conference, no extra days were wasted traveling, and all of the employees were able to travel together.

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