What is the reason for this particular trip? Who are the travelers? What type of service level is the organizing entity typically associated with? Each Contour Flight customer is assigned to a project manager who will work with you to determine your air requirements and create the cost and service parameters that will lead to the optimal solution.

Our air fulfillment specialists then analyze the market options to determine which vendors are capable of most efficiently and cost-effectively delivering the requested services.

Unlike our competitors, Contour Flight does not offer charter flights exclusively. We take a more comprehensive approach to delivering air solutions by also utilizing scheduled flights when appropriate. This assures that no matter what, whether top-notch service or cost containment is the priority, we can develop your ideal program. Proposals from Contour Flight come with peace of mind and the knowledge that the entire market as well as all available flight options have been considered in the customization of your program. Perhaps more importantly, our proposals also are presented with invaluable advice that is based on years of experience in our industry. We know which carriers are reliable, which aircraft offer the most amenities, and what airports have the appropriate facilities to support your operation.

Once a proposal has been approved, we address contractual issues with
all of the selected vendors and begin coordinating the airport and in-flight services of your customized flight experience.